The Real Useful Suite of Services

A special team oversees the planning and implementation of these projects of which the need cannot be over-emphasized. The team performs the following functions: provide information and advisory service to the client as needed, procurement of facilities and equipment, accommodation & hospitality, public relations and marketing, fundraising, entertainment management, exhibition management, program and time management, and any other additional technical support services amongst other specific needs that may be required.

We develop a timeline action plan and invest pre-planning time towards all our projects. We hold periodic meetings to coordinate with our clients, organizers and stake holders which in turn results in the production of an agreed upon program, action plan and check list with all parties.

For Conferences, we source the venues for your meetings, providing alternative choices and the profile on each hotel/venue property proposed. We also act as the liaison/coordinator for all your communications with the hotel in relaying all the specific requirements. The meeting place and all its meal and function rooms are also addressed in relation to your needs.

We undertake to design and decorate the meeting venue and other facilities with the required theme or message and required specifications, to create the desired overall effect and ambiance.

A help desk is key for the smooth-running of any conference. This would normally be a portal for information from where the prospective attendees are updated regularly and, prior to the event, can manage their bookings to the meeting. Hospitality, information and advisory services are addressed effectively at this desk which will usually be situated within the hotel lobby during the time of the conference. It is manned by qualified staff ready to address issues relating to information dissemination, program and provide any support. Alongside this, the desk effectively carries out registration of the delegates prior to the start of the conference.

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In this era of highly sensitive security concerns, we partner with the venues security personnel as well as the National Police Force, where necessary, to ensure safety of the participants and their property during each event.

We undertake to manage the venue and procure any third-party equipment necessary for the function and at a reasonable market rate. All audio visual and Conference equipments can be obtained directly from us.

An aggressive campaign is set in place to publicize the event through the media, and other relevant publications and business journals. If required, we promote and market the conference and sign up participants.

We also coordinate all advertisement activities, amongst other functions, in conjunction with your agencies.

We arrange for suitable and appropriate entertainment during intervals within the event as necessary.

Are a particularly colorful affair; with a running theme, well decorated having an elaborately detailed program which includes a warm reception, sumptuous meals (dinner), a musical journey through a diaspora of performers giving a flavor of some of the most recognized talents in the entertainment industry.

From our many years of experience working with hotels and other caterers, we closely monitor the delivery of quality catering services by the supplier, and observe utmost and strict control of standards.
We coordinate with our clients to oversee and manage the flow of the entire program, including liaising with secretaries of various key invited speakers to avail information of their attendance.

Name Tags /Place Cards / Stickers / Country Flags & Banners will be done in conformity to your specifications to project the client’s corporate image and needs.

We provide as part of our services fully audited books of account that we submit at the end of each project for your review and records.

Our Secretariat services come fully equipped with support assistance of staff who man it and have conference secretariat experience. They include a Secretarial staff, one photocopier/messenger staff, a technical assistant for computers, and presentations and all IT requirements.

This comes with a standard:
-Computers (HP Desktops + Laptops)
-Printers (at cost of printing to client)
-Photocopiers (hire + cost of paper)
-LCD Projector (cost)

All the above equipment items are provided as a standard and except for where stated, there is no cost on a minimum 1 day meeting therefore, first day, where stated, comes at no cost.

THE REAL USEFUL COMPANY manages Conference or event in its entirety. The above covers all aspects of our services offered and we welcome any further contact or additional inquiries.

The Real Useful Marketing Company handles all our clients with a strong sense of urgency, pride, and perhaps more importantly, with enthusiasm.

The entire Real Useful staff looks forward to sharing our unique corporate marketing expertise with you.