Live Well, Travel Exceptionally Well

THE REAL USEFUL MARKETING COMPANY is a highly recognized Marketing Company that provides a one-stop shop solution for its clients. Our mission is to be acknowledged as providing superior marketing management programs, via personalized service, creativity, and attention to detail.

Our Company has been offering marketing related services and organizing public relations services both locally and internationally for over three years. Our core personnel have over 20 years of experience in Sales, Public Relations and Marketing arena’s, both locally and abroad. Internationally, we partner with reputable companies to meet our clientele needs.
       Our Goals
  • Provide exceptional customer service with a highly talented and experienced team.
  • Always stay at the forefront of automation and technology.
  • Work with our customers to help them enhance their visibility with affordable budgets giving them local and international coverage.
         Our Commitments to Our Clients
  • Stay at the forefront of available technological advancements.
  • Provide our customers a quality on-line media contact. 
  • Exhaust every resource to ensure all our clients optimum satisfaction.
  • Consistently recruit top quality personnel.
  • Nurture and amplify ideas that aid in accomplishing clients objectives and mission.

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TRAVEL SERVICES  With over two and a half years of service in the travel business, we are considered an upward growing Company offering professional and high quality service for Organisations that require cutting edge pricing for their discerning business travelers.

EVENT PLANNING  We have a special team that oversees the planning and the implementation of these projects; and the need for this cannot be over-emphasized.

Catering Services From our many years of experience working with Hotels and other Caterers, we closely monitor the delivery of quality catering services by our partner suppliers and observe utmost strict control of standards.

Gala Nights Feature colourful,running theme of well decorated and elaborately detailed programme, which includes a warm reception, sumptuous meals (dinner), accompanied by a musical journey through a vibrant set of performers.  Giving a flavour of some of the most recognized talents in the entertainment industry.
Information and Advisory A help desk is key for the smooth running of any conference. This would normally be a portal for information from where all prospective attendees are updated regularly, and prior to the event, can manage their bookings to the meeting. Hospitality, Information and Advisory Services will be addressed effectively at this desk situated within the hotel lobby during the time of the conference.

Security In this era of highly sensitive security concerns, we partner with the venues security detail, in collaborations with states, to ensure safety of participants and their property during any event.

Health Services For emergency health services, we are registered with AAR, Africa Air Rescue, to provide services when needed. This includes evacuation, a 24/7 on call for emergency flight pick ups, from conference sites.

Public Relations and Marketing An aggressive campaign is put in place to publicise the event through the media, and other relevant publications and business journals. If required, we promote and market the conference and register participants. We also coordinate advertisement activities among other things in collaboration with your agencies.